“The grind never stops.”


Upper90 Esports is a professional esports organization founded in August of 2017 by owner Arsenal, on the ideals of promoting a positive esports environment and community. The administration at Upper90 Esports strives every day to try to reach new levels of professionalism in order to promote an environment of education, growth, and fun in the competitive community.


U90’s growth started with its fanbase in Rocket League. We built a community of competitors who wanted to improve rather than hunt for a contract. Our hashtag represents who we are as a organization. Traditionally in soccer, when a ball hits the "upper 90" it is almost always just barely out of reach. This is very symbolic of how Upper 90 always strives for new heights and new goals. At U90, we want our players to grow and compete at the best of their abilities until they are untouchable.


U90’s mission is to lead players and staff to be the best version of themselves. We want all members of U90 to set a standard of professionalism when it comes to competition, partners, and management.



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