All Pro Roster Moves for Fusion


Roster Moves -

Rogue - Kronovi, Firstkiller, Wonder

Rogue - Kronovi, Firstkiller, Turinturo (Charlotte Phoenix)

Pittsburgh Knights - Gyro, AyyJayy, Retals

Pittsburgh Knights - Gyro, AyyJayy, AlRaz (Stromboli)

Team Envy - Mist, Atomic, Allushin

Team Envy - Mist, Atomic, Retals (Pittsburgh Knights)

eUnited - Hockser, Ayjacks, Roll Dizz

eUnited - Hockser, Ayjacks, Memory (Flight)

Staying Together -

G2 Esports - Rizzo, Jknaps, Chicago

Spacestation Gaming - Sypical, AxB, Arsenal

NRG Esports - GarrettG, Jstn, Turbopolsa

Susquehanna Soniqs - Shock, Satthew, Dappur

Cloud9 - Squishy, Torment, Gimmick

Affinity - Percy, Jordan, MaJicBear


Roster Moves -

Flight - Rapid, Sea-Bass, Memory

Flight - Rapid, Sea-Bass, Aeon (Monkey Business)

Charlotte Phoenix - Karma, Shadow, Turinturo

Charlotte Phoenix - Karma, Shadow, WondaMike (Absolute Leverage)

Stromboli - JPow, Hec, Alraz

Stromboli - JPow, Hec, AlphaKep (River Rats)

Absolute Leverage - Radoko, Kinseh, WondaMike

Vision - Radoko, Kinseh, BeastMode (Grinders)

Chaos Esports Club - Mectos, Taroco, CorruptedG

Plot Twist - Mectos, Taroco, Sosa (Avidity Esports)

Mirage - Luke, JoeFreshness, JRuss

Mirage - Luke, JoeFreshness, Comm (Monkey Business)

Warriors - Buddy, JWismont, Thundah

Warriors - Buddy, JWismont, Stokelyy (Monkey Business)

RBG Esports - Tool, Bambi, Porklet

The Zookeepers - Tool, Bambi, Beastaboniam

Sticking Together -

72 Pin Connector - Demo, Jacob, LionBlaze

Bubble teams with Previous RLRS/RLCS Players

Legion - TyNotTyler, Wonder (Rogue), Allushin (Team Envy)

Divine - Dino, Porklet (RBG Esports), JRuss (Mirage)

Double Tap - Delta, JBot, Andy (Stromboli), Thundah (Warriors)

Fall - 2Piece, Chronic, ZPS (Avidity Esports)

3 Star Armada - Astroh (River Rats), Brendan, Skillz (Avidity Esports)

Momentum - Mijo, PrimeThunder, Pirates

Things to note

The Monkey Business roster is all on different teams for Fusion.

The old RBG roster is reunited with Aeon under the name Flight.

AlRaz gets the opportunity to try out with the RLCS team, Pittsburgh Knights.

Stromboli brings in previous RLRS player AlphaKep.

The Zookeepers bring in bubble player Beastaboniam.

72 Pin Connector is sticking together regardless of RLRS demotion.

Legion comes together with 3 previous RLCS pros.

Dino is playing with 2 RLRS players that presumably got dropped.

After disbanding, all members from Avidity are on different teams.

ZPS is playing with up and coming players Chronic and 2Piece both sitting at the age of 14.

Momentum consists of previous pros that retired.

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