MexiPages Top 50 Notable Teams List with Seeding

Here is a list of the top 50 most notable teams in North America competing to win a spot in RLRS Season 9. Only 6 teams will make the league so even narrowing down to 50 was a challenge of who we believe has what it takes. We all different opinions for each team so we made a list of our top 15. The top 50 list will be shown below as well as our top 15. Seeding for the top 50 was based off this: average, RLCS/RLRS experience, invitation to a skirmish or GSpot, rank in 6 mans, Rocket Royale placement. This is the first season we took into account the average of major results and it helped determine the consistency of teams. This makes it so seeding is not just based off 1 tournament.

Top 50 notable teams list:

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