Upper 90 makes it into RLRS!

Updated: Jan 27

The Upper 90 Esports Rocket League team does it yet again with another incredible showcase! This event… the RLRS play-ins. On April 30th, 128 NA teams earned their way into the play-ins, and only 6 teams come out as official teams of the NA RLRS. Team Captain, Demokat, led teammates, Shadow and Radoko, to a 5-0 bracket victory in the NA winners bracket. All of the players put out a tremendous team effort with big plays coming from Radoko and huge defensive plays made by Shadow. With the help of the incredible Coach Curtis, the team put in an incredible amount of time and effort with practice drills and scrimmages.

With a first game bye, the Upper 90 squad dominated their opponents in each match up. Although they didn't have any clean sweeps, the team never lost more than one match for a best of 5, with each loss only being a one to two goal difference. Taking advantage of every breaking opportunity, Upper 90 Esports managed to take over each game with a collective and aggressive playstyle.

Heading into round 4 of the winners bracket, Upper 90 Esports faced a daring challenger. The team to beat… Triple Commit, consisting of Bork, Savvy Seal and RLCS veteran Dappur. Triple Commit caused a stir within the field for the first two games with game one going to U90 and game two going to Triple Commit by a margin of a single goal. However, Upper 90 Esports shifted into another gear for the next two games, shutting out Triple Commit for a 3-1 victory without allowing a single goal to be scored by their opponent. This was, perhaps, one of the biggest upsets of the day.

The final match for each team was featured on the official Rocket League twitch channel with over 30,000 viewers. Upper 90 Esports faced off against Onset in their live match in a best of 5. U90 took the first two games by a single goal. Onset gave the team a hard fight and took game 3 in a 4-2 victory causing a stir in the twitch chat and the watch party hosted by the Upper 90 discord. On the start of the 4th game, the twitch chat quickly turned to cheering on Demokat and the entire Upper 90 squad through a tough battle against Onset for a 1-0 victory to secure their final match win.

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