RLRS Qualifiers & Challenger Cup Performance

Updated: Jan 27

After finishing the 2018 year as the December ESL Monthly Elite Champions, Upper 90 Esports had a lot to look forward to at the beginning of the 2019 seasonal year. Upper 90 Esports has already hit the ground running with the start of the Season 4 Challenger Series. With over 150 teams competing in the Challenger series, Upper 90 maintained a winning bracket record to the qualifier finals for the PWR Cup against RBG Esports. RBG forced a bracket reset by giving Upper 90 their first bracket loss of the series, but Upper 90 maintained confidence and swayed the advantage back into their favor to win the PWR Cup and move in the Challenger Cup series where Upper 90 met with RBG again in the Finals, where they were unable to overcome the tough RBG Esports opponent, but came out with a strong second place finish.

Now, comes the biggest challenge of the year… Season 7 Rocket League Championship Series. To start the third month of the year, the Upper 90 rocket league team entered in the open qualifiers for the Rocket League Rival Series. On March 2nd. 2019, Upper 90 began their qualifiers journey with an undefeated bracket to guarantee the Rival Series play-in. With this recent push in momentum, Team Captain, Demokat, is ready to lead his team into this play-in to secure a top spot to make it into RLRS. Making it into RLRS is the next big step into securing a spot into RLCS. Being that this is the opening to the largest competitive league championship, the competition will not be easy to falter. Be sure to follow the Upper 90 Esports socials available for twitter, facebook, twitch and youtube to keep up to date with more information on the upcoming events.

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