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Welcome FPS Esports Director

Updated: Jan 27

Upper 90 Esports is proud to announce the newest addition to our Management Team: Welcome Jun "Musubi" Hyeok!

"I was a former Overwatch professional gamer and coach. I went abroad a lot and had many experiences, and achieved many feats in Esports. I like working with players who run hard with the wind of passion. I hope to expand on the good in Upper 90 Esports. I welcome any questions and inquiries about Esports!" - Musubi

Achievements: Overwatch KOREA EGG Hat League 1st (GDG RED TEAM Leader ) Overwatch KOREA Xenon PC League 1st Overwatch KOREA ZAP League 1st Overwatch Korea PC National Union League 3rd Overwatch G force League Semi final (GDG RED KR) Overwatch Open Division S2 3rd Apex seed get (KR Bon'S spirit Gaming) Overwatch Apex Challingers 4 4th (BSG KR) Overwatch NA Beat Invitional League S2 3rd(USA OWLMP TEAM) Overwatch NA Open Division S1 2nd (USA OWL MP TEAM) Overwatch NA Contenders Trial 4th (USA OWL MP) Overwatch CN Contenders S1 Playoff (China Legend Young Byeyond Team Leader) Overwatch CN Contenders S2 (China Legend Young Beyond Team Leader) Overwatch China World Cup team Scrim Event match 3:2 win (LYB TEAM Leader) Overwatch NA Contenders Trial 2th Runner (Skyfoxes team KR COACH) Korea FPS Sudden attack resun'z pro team Sudden Attack Korea Big Cafe League 1st Champion Sudden Attack Korea World Reder League 1 st Call of Duty Black ops 4 Pro Team cyma / Apex Legend ESL Coach PUBG ASIA RANK 200th MY CAREER League RINK

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